Monday, June 27, 2011


An unexpected, unsolicited challenge was thrust upon me a few weeks ago
The skinny: to develop the leader within me
As the pride-caused shock wore of, I warmed up to the idea of changing my rhythm
To accept the tempo of wonder, of self-assessment, of growth, of preparation
Preparation to touch the lives of others
By positively influencing just as He did
Isn’t that what the Father did, He the best Influencer?
The way of the Upside Down kingdom: starting from the bottom up
A great leader starts from the bottom up.
Am I so willing to start low, forsake pride and seek the betterment of others?
Will I repent of my desire to be seen, to be admired, to be appreciated, to be recognized and praised?
By the world, by YOU?
Will I allow Christ Jesus, my Carpenter, to nail each piece of wood to build up, build me up into a leader after his own heart?
A leader who has what it takes to better mankind.
Better her country, her province, her city, her neighborhood, her family, herself.
Better because of HIM.

As I embark on this summer adventure, may the One with the perspective of eternity help me to see.
A little warning: this will not be a step-by-step improvement plan
It will be a candid journey to deeper waters
To digging deeper in order to see clearer
Will you embark on this leadership journey with me? Do you see a leader in yourself this week?

Monday, June 20, 2011

In Spite of Me

Hey you! Yes you, you.
The you who is reading this.
I apologize if you’ve been waiting for me to write.
Not only write but take a step of faith.
A step I’ve failed to take.
To take & share of myself
To learn from you these past few days.
Life was rushing by hectically & I fell in step with it.
I followed the fast pace & left you behind.
Left ME behind.
I created this blog to let God bring me to a spacious place.
As I empty myself to be filled with the things of Him.
I might fall short some days. I will follow short sometimes.
But the good news is that YOU and I are both
I am picking up the pieces of my baby blog again.
Let’s do life together. Honestly Share. Laugh. Cry. Scream.
OVER white hot chocolate or spicy hot wings!
I will be starting a series on leadership next week.
Make sure to drop by & introduce yourself.

All’s love

Monday, June 6, 2011


To face the world
To choose you; always saying Yes Yahweh
To live in the NOW & true moments
To do what matters
To choose gratitude – putting my circumstances in context
To allow you to break me in order to re-make me
To be re-made into the best version of me – YOUR version
To be content in this season of life – a season of slow preparation
To expect harvest – a harvest of beauty
To embrace
To speak words from the root places; deep places
Strength to be real
Your perfect strength in my frail humanity

What do you need strength with today?