Monday, June 20, 2011

In Spite of Me

Hey you! Yes you, you.
The you who is reading this.
I apologize if you’ve been waiting for me to write.
Not only write but take a step of faith.
A step I’ve failed to take.
To take & share of myself
To learn from you these past few days.
Life was rushing by hectically & I fell in step with it.
I followed the fast pace & left you behind.
Left ME behind.
I created this blog to let God bring me to a spacious place.
As I empty myself to be filled with the things of Him.
I might fall short some days. I will follow short sometimes.
But the good news is that YOU and I are both
I am picking up the pieces of my baby blog again.
Let’s do life together. Honestly Share. Laugh. Cry. Scream.
OVER white hot chocolate or spicy hot wings!
I will be starting a series on leadership next week.
Make sure to drop by & introduce yourself.

All’s love


  1. i love your writing...nice post!now i'm following :-)

  2. Thank you Stella! I'm unto yours as well :D