Monday, July 4, 2011

Gritty Gratitude

A prayer of thanks to my Abba:
Thank you Father.
Thank you for allowing me to see myself clearly through the lens of grace.

I saw that have been self-indulgent. I have been the girl who takes little responsibility for her actions.
I have worn malice and the pointing finger as a second skin.
I have refused to take small steps of faith; steps leading to a life full of God’s big-ness.
I have snubbed growth and maturity.
I have greedily accepted to be pampered, nurtured, cared for, loved on 
without fully committing to doing that for others.
I have been selfish. Selfish with my time, myself & my energy.
That has led me to miss opportunities to speak strength and possibility into the lives of those around me.
I was too busy believing that I couldn’t initiate.
My actions have fallen short of my intentions to do good.
My doing tell a tale of me focusing on me—what I think, what I want, what I need, what I think I need.
ME. Me. M.e.
But I want more of YOU inside small me.
Thank you for showing me that in order to be filled with You, I must be emptied.
Thank you for emptying this vessel.
Thank you for calling, choosing and justifying this leader in the making.

Take a gentle look at your life for a moment. Who have you been lately?

All’s love,

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