Monday, July 25, 2011

Just As I am

I’m discovering that the journey to increased leadership must begin with self-examination
Examining the things buried deep that shapes self
How can you lead if you do not know yourself? How can I?
You and I know must learn to name what we identify with.
Because what we identify with determines whether we will lead others
to light or darkness.

I want to assume a humble role to change my piece of the world.
Even so, my identity should not be based on performance. Neither should yours.
Because I know I will fail. I will fail you. You will fail me.
But because we fail does not mean we are failures.
I really mean it. Read it. Sing it. Eat it. Breathe it. Pray it.
Whether you are a great leader, on your way there or not much of one
You and I must accept that our worth is not fixed on variable factors.
My-your-our worth is not based on roles played at work, in life, or accomplishments
Seen earthly things DO NOT define your identity.

Eve's daughters have been broken in so many ways.
Sweet sisters, we must learn to associate the word WORTHLESS with LIE
The sooner we claim this truth, the sooner a defeated life can be left behind.
Whether you now it or not, your identity is SETTLED & SECURE as one that is precious and dearly loved.
As a child of God, you and I have been given new names. It’s true.
Our new names are
remade, new, chosen, dearly loved, righteous, forgiven, beloved, accepted & worthy.
It took me awhile to believe it too. But I promise you that it’s TRUTH.
The TRUE you. The true ME.

So for this week, ponder and share we us: what is in you that blesses others?

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