Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Grateful

A new tradition is starting on the blog
Mondays will be devoted to express gratitude: for the easy & complicated
So here it goes
I’m thankful for:
-Dreams remembered with an insistent déjà-vue feeling
-Bright shining warm light
-A new day, a new month, a new life season
-My morning devotional. Taking time to open my well-worn Bible
-Mondays that bre-ak the office routine
-Living simple. Simply being. Or at least learning to be present now.
-Intentionally taking time to nurture, even the ones with thorns
-Cooking up a storm, just because
-Traditional foods like oxtail (trust me it’s real good!)
-Time outs to talk with sisters about everything and nothing
-Trial and error. I didn’t appreciate the concept quite as much in my chemistry days!
- Festivals celebrating heritage & elephant ears
-Teenage boys wanting to become men…such bravardo
-Little girls learning to be daring...yes, you can
-Coral Rose lipstick because it’s pink & girly
-Friends that are there for each other; especially in the messy times
-Grace wrapped in its mysteries
-You. Just for being special you. I mean it!

Your turn! What are you thankful for this Monday?


  1. oxtail=yum

    i'm thankful for life, opportunities and God's blessings. He's really been faithful...

  2. Awesome! God is great!!
    You know what I mean about the oxtail, right?! Thanks for stopping by Stella