Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Grateful

Welcome to a new week!

To start it off right, let’s take time to choose & count joy.
Counting joy doesn’t come naturally, I know.
Instead, our default is to grumble grumble GRUMBLE
like the Israelites.
Be thankful? For what?
Be grateful because that is how we hold on to truth.
Truth: Only good comes from his hand; even that thing you think is bad
It’s a lesson I’ve had to tightly hold on too; especially this year
I keep forgetting. Do you remember? I need reminders. Daily reminders.
The simple, complex, easy and hard moments we choose to be thankful result in our awakening to God’s intimate touch in our daily living.

So, this soggy gray-ish day, I’m thankful for:
-Mornings even though I wouldn’t be described as a “morning person”
-Life’s pesky things that reveal the ugly parts of me I try hard to hide
-Daily trials (the stuff that drive you & I crazy) because through them God consistently seeks to create perseverance, then character, then hope. Then, better you and me.
-A missed express bus that results in a short drive and time to listen
-Hot red shoes like Dorothy’s
-Wishing happy belated; you’re never forgotten
-Budding pink rose boldly opening itself up to the world; true beauty
-Piled emails
-Cocoa butter hand lotion ‘cuz I wash my hands a lot
-Being present in each other’s lives; just being there
-Courageous people that spill their hearts out for others to grow strong
-International calls
-Unexpected opportunities masked as hard work
-Answers to come for the people of Somalia; for Mama Africa as a whole
-People that fearlessly accept to become world-changers.
(The fear is always there but it is simply silenced)
-Strong legs that work hard so that weak hands can eat

What joys can you count this Monday?


  1. Thank God,I so grumble a lot. God is so faithful, awesome,great, wonderful, ever present, faithful, true, righteous, merciful wow
    Thank God

  2. Isn't He awesome? I find that as soon as I intentionally start counting the ways my day has been blessed, the grumbling goes away. Have a great week-end!