Monday, August 22, 2011


This week, Monday came way too fast.
The alarm was happily ringing as if to spite me out of sleep.
The day started on a slow pace; grumpiness
consistently at my heel ready to wreak havoc.
I flirted with the idea of not writing my thanks today.
But isn’t that the first step towards locking the heart in a bitter cage?

Today, I am intentionally thankful for:
•Moments like this
•A week-end spent building bridges
•Taking beliefs out of the box to wear them as convictions.
•Backing my words up with actions.
•Big and small surprises coming our way
•The weak courageously facing a week screaming uncertainty and instability, because all things are indeed possible
•Paths running straight & crooked, leading us in different directions
•Quick meetings in train stations
•Randomly running into friends and savoring time spent reconnecting
•The things that do not come easy
•Ironing - one of my favorite chores, by the way.
(I know you don’t get it, but it’s ok.)
•Heated debates over how to properly pronounce the word “iron”
•Growing up inside; the insides growing stronger really
•Learning from my mothers, the women that went before me. The ones that lived well, not perfect.
•Friends choosing the best for each other
•Learning that I am third, that others come second, and He is first
•Him, the hero of my story; His story
•The freedom to admit that “Yes, I am a mess. A huge one.” But the beauty is that He isn’t, & I am in Him.
•Guarding my heart

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”
~ Proverbs 4:23

How are you giving thanks, guarding your heart today?


  1. nice Nancy. thanks for reminding me to be grateful.

    Btw, so you really like ironing?

  2. You're welcome!! I find I constantly need reminders to keep me anchored.
    Yeah, I totally dig ironing :-}