Friday, August 19, 2011


n e w
I spell it out shyly, hesitantly
Is it really true?
How can it even be?
Surely, it's not for me?
Don't you see the mess & decay?
What about the stench?
Don't you hear the foul, sword-sharp words?
They're LOUD. They break; things, you, me.
No, you say.

new. New. nEW. NEw. neW. NeW. nEw
new YOU. NEW you. nEw YoU. NeW yOu
yes. Yes, it's true. It's true for me. It's true for you.
Whoever you are, wherever you are. You are new.
That is your new name.
Let me say it again. “You are new”
I can say it out loud because I know it's true, in spite of me.
I know that every day is is FREEDOM DAY.
Days to declare my new identity that is settled, sure and secured.
Days to wear my new identity like an armor, because I am a warrior princess
Days to proclaim liberty to the captive and whisper in your ear that you are new.
You ARE.
You are new because you can let go of the hurts, the fears
the doubts and the shame.
You can take your troubles to His very heart & open the door for him to break
Bre-ak to uproot, & transform.
Transform to make new. The new you. The REAL you. Remade
The broken made beautiful


  1. Wow! Great post! I needed to read that! :)

  2. I needed this today too! seeing our new true Identity is SO key! Thank you! :)

  3. Thank you Jenndiggy and NotUnredeemed for your lovely encouragement. It's amazing what we see when we look at ourselves from his eyes.